ADR Chambers Banking Ombuds Office (ADRBO) reviews complaints brought by customers of member banks after the customers have exhausted the bank's internal complaint system and are not satisfied with the outcome. If a complaint falls within ADRBO's mandate and a full investigation is warranted, an investigation is undertaken by one of ADRBO's experienced, independent investigators. Upon the conclusion of an investigation, an investigator may make non-binding recommendations to the bank and complainant, which may include a recommendation for financial compensation.

ADRBO is a private company that operates independently from the participating banks. Its services are free of charge to those making the complaint. ADRBO is regulated as an External Complaints Body by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada http://www.fcac-acfc.gc.ca, and is governed by the Bank Act and the Complaints (Banks, Authorized Foreign Banks and External Complaints Bodies) Regulations.

Announcement - ADRBO is both happy and sad to announce that Keith Perrett will be officially retiring from his position as ADRBO Ombudsman. Keith has been the Ombudsman since December 2011 and his tenure has been a highly successful one. He became Ombudsman at an integral time in the history of ADRBO, as TD Bank had just recently joined ADRBO as a member bank, which represented a large expansion of ADRBO activity. ADRBO has continued to thrive under Keith's leadership. During his three and a half years as Ombudsman, Keith oversaw the addition of a new bank member and guided ADRBO through the application process for approval by the Minister of Finance to become an External Complaints Body. Perhaps most importantly, ADRBO benefitted from impact Keith has had on staff on other members of the ADRBO team, by imparting the wisdom gleaned from over two decades of experience working in the financial services sector. ADRBO is pleased to announce that we will continue to have the benefit of Keith's expertise, as he will be assuming the position of Senior Advisor. ADRBO is also pleased to announce that April Schulze will become the new ADRBO Ombudsman on June 1st, 2015.